FORM Lifting is a L.A.-based startup with the goal of revolutionizing the way athletes train.

Our core technology allows athletes to track and analyze objective metrics that reflect their performance while lifting. FORM Lifting’s free companion app (available for both iPhone and Android) displays real-time, objective feedback on barbell lifts to improve an athlete’s form, performance, and safety. Our system also incorporates a platform that allows for real time data viewing and analysis to empower coaches to make more informed decisions.



OVerview and Details


FORM has partnered with Power Athlete, inc., the leader in performance training who has consistently used the best tools available to the market for the past decade. CEO of Power Athlete and Head Coach of FORM, John Welbourn says, “If you train athletes, this is a no brainer. The FORM Collar has transformed the way we look at the power and olympic lifts by empowering the athlete's performance. Up until now, an athlete had to rely on an experienced strength and conditioning coach to pick apart their form and performance of a lift. With the FORM Collar, you can now see that information instantly in the palm of your hand to vastly improve results.”


Scott Mahr - CEO, Founder

Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest Scott is has always been an avid runner, triathlete and now CrossFitter, competing in athletics all his. Scott studied engineering at Harvey Mudd College and some years ago, started training at CrossFit Hollywood where part of the draw was the fact that every workout was timed and the competitive aspect was huge. However, he needed better ways to measure lifts and track his performance and began looking for ways to combine engineering and athletics.. FORM Lifting was the result.

Quotes from Scott:

○ “As an avid Crossfitter, I wanted to develop something which brings professional level insights to the everyday lifter from the CrossFit box to the garage gym. This is the first in a series of products which will turn weightlifting from an art to a science.”

○ “I love the ability to measure my progress on benchmark workouts. The FORM Collar takes us past the 1 Rep Max and allows us to measure how the form of our lifts are improving.”

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