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Ryan Moody

Ryan has been a huge contributor to the Health & Fitness industry for more than a decade. He is known around the world for his Explosive athleticism. He has broken multiple world records with both Guinness and the World Records Academy in various jumping feats.

In his pursuit of breaking multiple world records Ryan developed a multitude of health and fitness programs on diverse platforms for all types of people. He travels the world speaking about “Strength Through Adversity”, “Prolonging Lifespan &; Increasing Quality of Life”, and conducts training seminars that teach his health and fitness methodologies.

Ryan has spoken at over 400 locations in 16 countries since 2010.  Ryan’s programs touch a broad and inclusive audience, as everyone can benefit from improved Health, Fitness, and Quality of Life.

Jared enderton

Jared Enderton, a native of Graettinger, Iowa is a nationally ranked weightlifter, crossfitter, and GRID Athlete for the Baltimore Anthem. He has trained at numerous locations, including: California Strength, Average Broz, Mash Elite, and the Olympic Training Center.  After high school, Jared competed in Strongman and Powerlifting competitions for 3 years before picking up Olympic Weightlifting in 2010. Most recently, he competed in the 2016 Crossfit Games Regionals.

Jared’s certifications include: Bachelor of Arts in Exercise Science, American Council on Exercise, ACE-Fitness Nutrition Specialist, CrossFit Level 1, International Kettlebell & Fitness Federation, and USA Weightlifting Sports Performance.

Jared has been involved in writing training programs for many years. To date, he has written over 500 customized

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