The First of its Kind

The first smart device to help you improve both the form and performance of all barbell lifts.

  • Receive instant and accurate feedback via the FORM Lifting app with innovative metrics to help improve lift speed, strength, and safety.
  • Reference back to a single lift or an entire session with cloud-based storage and track your progress over time to drive your performance to new levels. 
  • Improve your technique and identify strength imbalances by fine-tuning specific parts of your lifts that were previously immeasurable.

Turning an ART into a Science

The FORM Collar was born in the gym and tested in the lab as a collaboration between athletes and coaches of all experience levels and disciplines.

  • Delivers metrics that truly matter when lifting to give you a more objective indicator of performance than a one rep max.
  • Analyzes velocity, force production, acceleration and more to give you helpful insights into when to push and when to back off your training.
  • Provides real-time data visualizations to help you maximize power output for every session.

Perfect For

Functional Fitness

Nail your form on light weights before going heavy and find the most efficient movement patterns for those long workouts. The FORM Collar is designed to capture touch and go reps so that you can truly maximize your work to rest ratio and crush your WODs.

Olympic Lifters

The FORM Collar is the first device that can actually give you metrics on individual parts of the Snatch and Clean & Jerk. Improve your technique by fine tuning your first to second pull transition, hip drive, and speed underneath the bar all while increasing your explosiveness for squats and accessory lifts.

Power Lifter

With the FORM Collar, you can train efficiently on Dynamic and Max Effort days and by tracking your progress week over week, you'll be able to see exactly when to taper off and when to peak for competition.

Sport Specific

Speed and power are everything on the field so it's time to dump the 1RM and focus on your actual force production and velocity to see measurable and translatable increases in performance. Lift fast to be fast.

Team Coaches

Create custom training programs, measure player improvements, and ignite competition in the weight room with the FORM Coaching Platform (Coming Soon).

Remote Coaching

Stay better connected to your athletes, from anywhere at anytime and get unbiased, unfiltered feedback on each of their training sessions to maximize your coaching effectiveness. If you usually use video analysis on your athletes, why not back it up with real data? With in-app video capture (coming soon), you'll be able to visually dissect your athletes' lifts with side-by-side metrics to back it up. Perfect practice creates perfect lifts.


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Athletes $249 1 collar
  • Durable Collar
  • Android or iOS App
  • Online analysis
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Coaches $249 $224 per collar (3+)
  • Multiple Collars
  • Train Multiple Athletes
  • App is free for your Athletes
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Get stronger with FORM

1RMs don't score points on the field. Train at maximal force output to see real gains in on field performance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Durable is the FORM Collar?

The electronics in the FORM Collar will have a 1 year warranty. We have partnered with Lock-Jaw to insure that the hardware part of the collar is just as tough as the electronics. Their latest collars are very durable and should stand up a lot of abuse. Lock-Jaw has drop test equipment for torturing collars; we will be testing our units extensively before releasing them to the world. We would love to know what sort of collars you like, post to the comments with your favorites!

How is the accuracy of the FORM Collar validated?

We have a camera system set up in our office that tracks barbells very accurately. We have used that to help calibrate and test the FORM Collar throughout development. We also have a Tendo unit that we use, check out this video showing that.

How is the FORM Collar different from other similar devices?

The FORM Collar has an extra sensor that other devices don't have (patent pending). We use a barometric altimeter to get data about the height of the barbell. When we combine that data with the data we get from the accelerometers we are able to get a much more accurate speed measurement than similar devices. We will never be as accurate as the string-based devices like the Tendo, but we are very close.

Can I use the same collar with multiple lifters at the same time?

Absolutely! Whenever we visit a gym we almost always end up with multiple users competing on the same bar. Very early on we made it trivial to switch between lifters in the app. You can compete with friends, but still keep all the data separate for each lifter.

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